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We are an artist owned cooperative founded on the
principles of providing sustainable photography
careers & exclusive curated royalty-free photography.

If you are a photographer interested in a rewarding
career, please inquire further at www.stocksy.com

Last Chance: Call to Photographers

In June, we opened our doors to welcome new photographers to our co-op, and we’ve been blown away by the response. Over the course of the summer, we have received nearly 4000 applications from amazing artists from around the world. This year, we shouted out specifically to photographers outside of North America and as a result, we are now celebrating the growth of a much more diverse collection.  

In order to achieve our co-op’s growth in a sustainable manner, Stocksy accepts no more than 500 photographers each year, and there are only a few spots left! This year’s Call to Artists will close on October 1st. If you have not yet applied, this will be your last opportunity to join Stocksy until we begin accepting new contributors again in mid-2015.

As the Call to Artists comes to an end, we’re now focused on filling our last available photographer spots with product, still life and concept artists who can bring inanimate objects and concepts to life in modern and unexpected ways.

Become a Stocksy photographer - Apply Now!

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